Private medical insurance is designed to provide you with additional security and peace of mind when it comes to receiving healthcare. In this country we are lucky enough to have a National Health Service that provides medical attention that is free at the point of delivery, however many people still opt for private treatment because of the benefits that it has to offer.
Private medical treatment offers a few things that the NHS cannot, one the main things that private care can normally guarantee is a shorter waiting time than the NHS. This is due to the fact that private medical practices do not generally have long waiting lists. This means that you can often guarantee yourself a more rapid response to whatever illness it is that you may have.
If you opt for private medical insurance you may also be able to have a say in which hospital and with which consultant you receive your treatment. This is often one of the most attractive features of choosing this option as it allows you to choose the treatment location that is most convenient to you and your family members, along with choosing medical professionals that you are most comfortable with.

What’s covered ?
This depends on the policy and provider that you choose. Some will just cover private treatments, others also cover diagnosis and offer ongoing support for cancer, or for mental health issues.
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